Burger King McLamore Foundation

BKSM Emergency Fund

In times of emergency or hardship, we’re here to help

The BK℠ Emergency Fund (the “Fund”) is operated by the Burger King Foundation (the “Foundation”). The Fund was established to provide financial assistance to employees of Burger King Corporation and its subsidiaries (“BKC”) and BURGER KING® franchisees and to their immediate family members. Fund grants are made to assist with immediate, short-term needs of individuals who may be victims of disasters or other emergency hardship situations including floods, fires, riots, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and similar large-scale events, as well as emergency hardship caused by illness, death, accident, violent crime or other types of personal injury. Grants from the Fund are not intended to replace personal or homeowners insurance, federal disaster relief or other types of aid, but rather to assist on an immediate, short-term basis when other sources of assistance are not available.

Given the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis, financial assistance related to COVID-19 cases will be provided to employees only at this time.